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ProSport 2
Premium Jersey Display Case
The Evolution Of The Jersey Case
  • The ProSport 2 jersey display case is constructed of solid aluminum for optimal strength, durability and protection. Inferior cases constructed from particle board or pieces of acrylic simply can't compare.
  • The ProSport 2 case is acid-free and meets archival standards. Because of the glues, solvents and materials used in their construction, other jersey cases emit contaminants that can harm your collectibles.
  • The fully-removable front frame is engineered to snap into the base-sealing gaps and minimizing the risk of damage from insects and contaminants. Clear UV acrylic protects against potential damage from sunlight.
  • The sleek, satin black frame with brushed silver trim will enhance the appearance of any jersey. And if desired, the backing of the ProSport case is designed to be easily customized with different colours and accessories. Try doing this with other cases.
  • Swing-out hanger arms (patent pending) eliminate the need for tools or disassembly when installing or changing your jersey.
  • The slim lines and light weight make this display case very easy to handle. And, unlike other cases, there's no need to remove the jersey when you're moving or transporting it.
  • "Wall Buddies" hanging system ensures that getting your display case on the wall is simple and fast.